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Coating specialists

We are trade powder coaters and conventional spray finishers. We give your product a beautiful, durable, long lasting finish in outstanding colour selections. Great quality,Great customer service, Competitively priced, 24hour turnaround on request, Collection & delivery service if you need it. We stock an extensive range of powders in RAL colours, offer a range of gloss levels, unusual finishes including leatherette & textured, clear lacquers and warm to touch Plascoat. For anti corrosion solutions, we offer Cromadex extra Life systems for powder coat and wet paint.

Powder Coating provides a durable, high quality finish to your metal products. It gives excellent resistance to impact, abrasion, heat, stains and extreme weather. You can choose from a range of textures, smooth, shiny surfaces to wrinkled or matt finishes and rough textures which are particularly useful for hiding those surface imperfections. And the colour selection is virtually limitless, including clearcoats.Whether you are looking for powder coating on a single item or a small production run, we give you the same high quality finish and customer service.

A versatile method of finishing that covers almost every material, including MDF, glass, wood and plastics. Our team of experienced sprayers deliver a high quality protective and decorative finish suited to the intended use of your product or components. With a vast range of standard and specialist paint finishes at our fingertips, we can get your job done. For anti-corrosion solutions, we offer Cromadex Extra Life systems.We’ve painted everything from large production runs of intricate lighting components to desks for TV shows, so call us now and tell us what you need